There Are Two Types Of Retinal Blood Vessels, Arteries And Veins, And Either Of These Can Be Affected By An Occlusion.

Ophthalmology..lso,.epending on the extent of retinal damage, some people have only minimal blurring of vision, while others have more substantial vision loss. It’s a separation of your retina from your eye tissue. Antivascular endothelial growth factors The postulated mechanism for macular enema is up-regulation of veg in response to retinal ischemia secondary to increased resistance to venous blood flow. Medline . There are two types of retinal blood vessels, arteries and veins, and either of these can be affected by an occlusion. They can grow in places where they should not be and cause blockage of the filtering mechanism of the eye causing a form of glaucoma. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about CRVO Our data on CRVO, giving full, scientifically based information on these questions, can be found elsewhere 3 .

Hayreh SS: Management of central retinal vein occlusion. Many ophthalmologists will do a fluoresce in angiogram during the recovery period if neovascularization is suspected. A recent multicenter study 4 on CRVO came to the same conclusion. One particular medication that has been increasingly utilized for this purpose is Avastin, a drug that is approved for the intravenous treatment of colon cancer.

Retinal vascular occlusion